will Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes happen

will pokemon dimaond and pearl remakes happen. ever since pokemon sun and moon came out everyone was expecting pokemon diamond and pearl remakes and then pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon came out and we were dissapointed. but there was still a dedicated community to this happening and afetr the switch was out we thought we would then get console diamonf and pearl remakes but we got a second remake of pokemon red and blue, and later pokemon sword and shield were announced and now have been released. so the question is will the next pokemon game be diamond and pearl remakes or will it be another mainline game. it is not confirmed obviouly but it think there is a high chance the next game is going to be diamond and pearl remakes and if it isnt it might be a new lets go game but i think that is quite unlikely, and my opinion on the second question well they will happen eventually unless they dont come out before pokemon is bassically abandoned by Nintendo.

thats all haha